MIT Entry Exam Preparation

DUiitMIT Entry Exam Generally contains

A. Computer Fundamental (B.Sc Level)
B. Analytical Questions
C. Simple Mathkkkk
D. English




  1. Computer Fundamental
  2. Structured Programming (C)
  3. Object Oriented Programming (OOP) – Java
  4. Data Structure
  5. Data Communication and Networking
  6. Internet Programming
  7. Database Management

B. Analytical Questions

  1. Nonverbal Questions
  2. Verbal Questions
  3. Etc.

C. Simple Math

  1. Binary Conversion
  2. Binary Addition, Subtraction, Multiply, Division
  3. Banking Formula & Calculation
  4. Others Simple Math

D. English

  1. English Passage
  2. Antonyms / Synonyms
  3.  Phrase & Idioms
  4. Opposite Words
  5. Pair of Words
  6. Etc.


Caution: This guideline is just my practices. It doesn’t grantee you the IIT Admission. Please work hard to get admission in IIT, University of Dhaka. Readers must follow the official website for the proper instructions.

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